SMART Board + Microsoft Teams = Awesome!

Keep the feel of natural teaching and engage students in a virtual environment with Microsoft Teams® video conferencing on your SMART Board®

These days it feels like we’re living in Microsoft Teams, glued to our desks, peering at tiny video galleries. But now your trusted SMART Board can help you better connect with your students and keep them engaged, whether they're in classroom, remote, or both!

Continue to teach using the tools and workflows you’re used to like pens, inking, touch and gestures instead of being limited to a computer mouse. Your SMART Board keeps the continuity of learning of your classroom experience, so your students at home can have the same interactive and engaging experience as they would in class.

Wait, I can video conference on my SMART Board?

Absolutely! Connect any Windows PC, iOS or Chrome device to your SMART Board for a high-quality experience sharing screens, audio, and video with Microsoft Teams. Screen share SMART’s powerful learning tools, web browser and other apps to your students, while they watch you ink and annotate in real time!

Participant galleries display in high definition on your SMART Board, helping you better connect with students at a distance.  Every pixel counts – see your students clearly.

See what it looks like for you and your students!


Instructional Tools for Phenomenal Learning

Focus student attention while screen sharing with active inking and tools for lessons, documents, and browser. SMART ink puts the focus on learning, and is included with every SMART Board. Write into and over any document, and hold student attention with spotlight and magnifier super powers! Plus, make bright ideas standout with a plethora of pen tools in SMART Notebook, including the Magic Pen and Highlighter.

What’s shorter than a student’s attention span in the classroom?
A student’s attention span while learning remotely. 😥

Students retain more from witnessing teaching in real-time

Distractions, device scheduling and sharing conflicts… the list is endless and the odds stacked against holding student attention in a remote learning environment.

With Microsoft Teams on your SMART Board, remote students can tune into screen sharing alongside live video of their teacher delivering the lesson.

So no matter where they are, students can watch their teachers teach, including live annotating and whiteboarding.

Miss being in front of your students?

Keep the focus on learning and familiarity. Students can see you up at the familiar SMART Board and keep the continuity of a classroom experience remotely to better learn and retain information. Attention is captured and imagination fires.

Build meaningful connections in blended learning environments
With classrooms looking different these days, it can be challenging to build connections with students you’ve never seen. Connect across any distance with video conferencing for truly engaging learning experiences.

All-inclusive learning environments
Whether remote or in class, teachers and students can interact easily with one another via a larger, high-res video gallery.

Teaching environments are becoming increasingly complex. But you can maintain your tactile workflow of teaching and familiar front of room instruction with Microsoft Teams video conferencing on your SMART Board.

But wait, there's more! Amp up your lessons with the SMART Learning Suite app

Looking to bring more classroom tools into your virtual lessons? The SMART Learning Suite Online app for Microsoft Teams gives teachers the power to turn static old PowerPoints, PDFs, and more into interactive, engaging lessons – and an easy way to get your students into breakout groups with collaborative workspaces! It’s a place for cloud-based classrooms to connect using any student device. Where students can work in lesson activities with full guidance just like you’re all in the same room. Go beyond blended and truly connect your classrooms from any distance with the SMART Learning Suite app for Microsoft Teams.

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