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Teodora Kamburov

Written by: Teodora Kamburov

"Technology is a necessity in today's schools. We don't just go to the "computer lab" anymore. Instead, we use technology as a medium through which we accomplish complex educational goals."

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Download the latest Blended Learning Success Story and learn about how Innovation Preparatory Academy (inPrep) established whole-school blended learning by offering flexible attendance options and a high-tech learning environment. 


Blended learning, social distancing, and enhanced teaching made possible with the right EdTech at inPrep.

Charter Schools USA built K-8 school Innovation Preparatory Academy (inPrep) around today’s blended learning needs, constructing open-concept grade level “pods”, providing three attendance options, and purposefully selecting EdTech solutions.

InPrep's (@inprepacademy) building itself was constructed with collaboration in mind. Teachers within each grade-level pod share the same space as well as the same students. This is especially powerful in learning because when space is open, conversations are, too.

inPrep offers students three blended learning attendance options: fully face-to-face, half face-to-face and half mobile (remote), or fully mobile. This may seem concerning to an outsider looking in—

How do these students collaborate with one another if they could be at home one day and at school the next?

It’s simple: inPrep teachers use SMART Learning Suite Online software for lesson creation and delivery. Every student joins the lesson via iPad and, if mobile, joins the lesson’s Zoom call, which is pulled up on the pod’s SMART Interactive Flat Panel so that face-to-face students can physically see their mobile peers.

All teachers at the school use the same lesson creation and delivery software (SMART Learning Suite Online), the same video conferencing tool (Zoom), and the same model SMART Interactive Flat Panel (6000S) is installed for all grade-level pods.

Using the same technology schoolwide is, not surprisingly, the first step towards schoolwide blended learning.

After all, how can we expect educators to ‘blend’ learning without the necessary tools?


Learn more: Download the full Blended Learning Success Story:


Thank you to the passionate team at @inprepacademy for sharing their story of Blended Learning innovation. 


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