What it Really Means (and Takes) to Make Learning Fun

This is the first in a series of posts from Andy Cargile, Senior Director, User Experience at SMART. Andy leads a team of user experience designers and researchers who spend hundreds of hours in classrooms every year, delving into teaching, learning, and how technology can enhance them. In this series, Andy shares some of the key insights his team has uncovered, and what they mean for education.

The Importance of Education Technology in Our Changing World

Technology is everywhere and entwined in our daily lives so when technology in the classroom is used correctly it opens up possibilities for more student learning. I strive to make my classroom a fun, engaging place to learn every day. By integrating technology into the classroom in a meaningful and purposeful way, I am able to hold and sustain a student’s love for learning. Using technology in the classroom has transformed me into an educator that is a conceptual thinker, generator of ideas, and a self-starter.

Engagement and Unschooling

I’ve been noodling something since I recently undertook an unschooling trip with my family to Costa Rica and started working for SMART Technologies. It’s an intriguing insight on unschooling, and a telling insight about our digital native children.


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