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Edita Roberts, SMART Ambassador

Written by: Edita Roberts, SMART Ambassador

Edita is a life-long learner with over a decade of preschool and primary teaching experience from the Czech Republic. She is an Erasmus Project Coordinator, Speaker, and Digital Technology Instructional Coach interested in social justice and blended learning.

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Using Lumio by SMART

Over the last year, I increased my use of technology, specifically with Lumio by SMART. With Lumio, I was able to set tasks for my students to complete at their own pace or for homework. I also integrated Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) by creating digital manipulatives to teach emotions and social skills.

This year, I plan to incorporate more formative assessments; I love Lumio’s Response activity options, which allow me to download students’ results in an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis. I also plan to start each lesson with a brainstorming or mind-mapping activity. 

Training for technology use

Lumio has so many great features that I am planning training for my fellow teachers to discover the activities that work best in their classrooms and for their subjects. Connecting with teachers as a teacher trainer is a wonderful opportunity to learn from one another; I specifically enjoy sharing sample lessons where teachers participate as students so they see technology from the students’ perspective. I believe the more teachers learn through professional development, the more engaged and excited they are to teach, thus preventing burnout. 

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