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Game-Based Learning from America to Australia

From America to Australia and everywhere in between, the value and importance of game-based learning is only growing. Discovering unique ways to engage students with their learning, including through the use of gamification, has been shown to have a positive impact on learning outcomes.

Insights from the National Future Schools Expo

Last week the National Future Schools Expo + Conferences were held at the Melbourne Convention Centre where 4000 educators attended the event over two days.

I Would Walk 4,662 Miles... Why Apply to the SEE Summit?

This blog post was created by SMART Exemplary Educator Ralf Kroefges. Ralf is a German educator who is passionate about teaching, learning, and EdTech. Connect with him on Twitter here. His home in Germany is 4,662 miles, or 7,503 kilometers from where the SEE Summit is held, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day! Today we celebrate and salute women everywhere. To all of the woman teachers inspiring and guiding the next generation, you are incredible. To all of the women working in tech and paving the way for a more balanced tech workforce in the future, keep up the amazing work. 

Why Attend a SEE Summit? Thoughts From a SMART Exemplary Educator

This blog post was written by SMART Exemplary Educator Stella McCarthy. Connect with Stella on Twitter

Westminster School Focused on the Future

Westminster School in Adelaide has begun the school year by focusing on the future of learning. The school is undertaking a refresh and their learning spaces and technology are being upgraded to meet the future needs of their students.

More Australian Educators become SMART Certified Trainers

Growing the Australian SMART Community

During the summer schools holidays, another group of outstanding educators was trained to add to the Australian community of SMART Certified Trainers. Teachers from Early Childhood to Higher Education came together to learn the latest from SMART and how to provide professional learning for the thousands of teachers who use SMART hardware and software in their classroom every day. These trainers each bring to the table exciting an innoative ideas for implementing tehcnology.

Drawing on tradition and looking to the future at Westminster School 

Nestled in the heart of London, alongside the British parliament buildings, lies a school built in the 12th century that continues to not only educate, but inspire students today.

This is What to Pack for Bett 2018

This blog post was written by SMART Exemplary Educator Mark Hartwright, and initially appeared on his personal blog here

How To: Apply Bloom's Taxonomy to Your Game-Based Learning

When game-based learning and high-level thinking come together, what emerges are highly engaged students, meaningful discussions, and relevant learning.


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